Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

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Influence of catalyst (Yeast) on the Biomethanization of Selected Organic Waste Materials

BU Bagudo, SM Dangoggo, LG Hassan, B Garba


Yeast catalyzed the rate of biomethanization of waste materials and rate at which it alter the reaction rate has been determined. It was observed that addition of yeast improved the quality and
quantity of biogas generated and also fastened the acid and methane forming stages during biomethanization. The volumes of biogas in the catalyzed process was found to be 6550 cm3 for cow
dung, 5640 cm3 for millet husk, 3240 cm3 for rice husk ,1000 cm3 for saw dust and 800 cm3 for the paper waste, as against 5430 cm3, 5230 cm3, 2110 cm3, 950 cm3 and 590 cm3 respectively for the uncatalyzed biomethanization process.
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