Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

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Mineral Composition of Some Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Kano, Nigeria

MI Mohammed, N Sharif


ABSTRACT: Five different vegetable samples were obtained from Yan-Kaba Market, Kano city, Nigeria, and were analyzed for the presence of Mg, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, and Fe using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometery. The results of the analysis showed that, on the average, highest concentration of Mg was recorded in the range of 0.964 to 1.393mg/g in all the samples analyzed, while Mo was found to be the least with concentration range of 0.014 to 0.031mg/g. Comparing the mineral contents obtained in this work with the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) values, the results indicate that the vegetables could be good supplement for some of the elements analyzed.

Keywords: Leafy Vegetables, Mineral, Trace Metals

Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Science (2011), 19(2):208-212

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