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Query Expansion: Is It Necessary In Textual Case-Based Reasoning?

Aminu Bui Muhammad
Ahmed Tambuwal Yusuf


Query expansion (QE) is the process of transforming a seed query to improve retrieval performance in information retrieval operations. It is often intended to overcome a vocabulary mismatch between the query and the document collection. Query expansion is known to improve retrieval effectiveness of some information retrieval systems, however, its effect in Textual Case-based reasoning (TCBR) which is closely related to the field of Information Retrieval has not been well studied. In this research, a TCBR System intended for storage and retrieval of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) named FAQCase was developed. Experiments were conducted to examine the effect of synonym-based query expansion on the system. The result has shown that there is significant retrieval improvement in FAQCase with query expansion over FAQCase without query expansion, in a situation where vocabulary mismatch between new questions and the stored FAQs is high.

Keywords: Query expansion, Textual case-based reasoning, Word sense disambiguation, WordNet

Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Science (2011), 19 (2): 269-276