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Hydrostatic reduction of intussusception with normal saline using the gravity aided method in a Nigerian teaching hospital

M.A. Abdulsalam, B.O. Balogun, R.I. Osuoji, O.O. Olofinlade, O.M. Faboya, M.A. Bankole


Background: The non-operative treatment of intussusception has evolved over the years. One of such treatment modalities is ultrasound guided hydrostatic reduction using barium, saline and other water soluble agents. Despite the benefits of this method, surgery remains the mainstay of treatment in our hospital as well as in many other Nigerian hospitals.

Aim: To evaluate the success rate of ultrasound guided hydrostatic reduction of intussusception using the gravity aided saline reduction method.

Method: This is a prospective study of hydrostatic reduction of intussusception using the gravity aided saline reduction method. Patients were seen between January and December 2015.

Results: Thirty five cases who were confirmed to have intussusception by ultrasonography were seen but only 12 were suitable for the procedure. Seven patients (58.3%) had successful hydrostatic gravity aided saline reductions while five (41.7%) had failed reductions. One patient had a recurrence. Bowel perforation complicated the procedure in one patient, who required a laparotomy for further management.

Conclusion: Ultrasound guided hydrostatic reduction with normal saline by gravity method is a reliable and safe method of reducing intussusceptions in carefully selected cases. Thus, it should be recommended as the primary mode of treatment provided there are no features of peritonitis.

Keywords: Intussusception; ultrasound guided gravity and saline reduction

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