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Comparison of intravenous colloid and colloid.crystalloid combination in hypotension prophylaxis during spinal anesthesia for cesarean section

HO Idehen
FE Amadasun
IT Ekwere


Context: Many studies comparing different intravenous fluid types usually do not use equipotent volumes of three to one crystalloid to colloid ratio in such comparisons. Conflicting results emanate from such studies.
Aim: This study was designed to compare the efficacy of equipotent  volumes of colloid and crystalloid.colloid combination in spinal  anesthesia-induced hypotension prophylaxis during cesarean section.
Settings and Design: A prospective randomized double blinded  experimental study carried out in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria.
Materials and Methods: Pregnant women scheduled for elective cesarean section were prospectively randomized into two groups to receive either 1000 ml of crystalloid/colloid (750/250 ml) combination or 500 ml colloid intravenous fluid preload, before spinal anesthesia. Hemodynamic  variables were monitored till the end of surgery. The results were collated, analyzed, and rational conclusions deduced. Statistical Analysis Used: Data collected and analyzed with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16 and rational deductions derived.
Results: In the first 10 min, the crystalloid-colloid combination showed better efficacy in hypotension prophylaxis over the colloid only regimen. In the next 30 min; however, there was no significant difference between both groups in hemodynamic parameters.
Conclusion: Beyond 10 min the crystalloid.colloid combination has no  advantage over colloid alone in hypotension prophylaxis, as used in this study.

Key words: Cesarean section, hypotension, intravenous fluids, spinal  anesthesia

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