The Consultation Style Of Doctors At An Outpatient Clinic In Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, And Nigeria: Are Patients Participating?

  • IO Ajayi General outpatients’ Clinic, University College Hospital, PMB 5116, Ibadan, Oyo State
Keywords: Patients, participation, consultation, style outpatient, clinic


Objectives: Family Medicine (FM) training started two decades ago in Nigeria. The influence of FM training on the consultation style of practitioners in Nigeria is not known. This study examined the consultation style of family physicians in an outpatient clinic, the amount of information provided by the physicians to their patients and the level of their patients' participation in the consultation process
Methods: A systematic sample of 212 adult patients was interviewed using semi – structured questionnaire. Chi square test was used to test significance of differences in proportions.
Result: The consultation style of the physicians was predominantly doctor- centred. Doctors provided information on nature, plan of management, prognosis and prevention of illness to 38.7% 16.5%, 5.5% and 49.5% of the patients respectively. 34.3%, 21.4% and 16.7% of the patients sought information on nature, plan of management and prognosis of illness respectively. The commonest reason for patients not seeking such information from their doctors is that “they did not know they could ask such questions.” Patients who asked doctors about plan of management significantly reported that they had their expectations met. The level of education of the patients determined to a great extent the information sought for and that provided by the doctors (p< 0.05)
Conclusion: Patients' participation during consultation is inadequate and there is a suggestion that patients would welcome more involvement in the care of their of their illness practitioners need to be taught the patients centered clinical method, a key distinguishing characteristic of Family Medical, which emphasize patients' expression of their illness experience(s) and participation in clinical decision making
KEY WORDS: Patients, participation, consultation, style outpatient, clinic
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.6(1) 2003: 10-16

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