Facial neuralgias: analysis of the different types seen at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

  • GA Agbelusi Department of Preventive Dentistry, College of Medicine University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • AA Writght
  • MA Daesi


Objective: To highlight the presentations, characteristics, the difficulties in diagnosis, treatment and response to treatment types of facial neuralgias seen at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Methods: Twelve patients with facial neuralgias diagnosed and treated in dental clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital were studies. Using strict for diagnosis, patients were categorized into: trigeminal, glosspharyngeal and post herpetic neuralgias.

Results: Eight patients had trigeminal neuralgia; three patients had post –herpetic neuralgia and one patient had glossopharyeal neuralgia. In six patients with Trigeminal neuralgia, mandibular branch was affected, while in the two patients maxillary branch was affected. Six patients with Trigeminal neuralgia responded to carbamazepine alone and 2 had additional drugs. The only patients with glossopharyngeal neuralgia responded to carbamazepine. One patient with post herpetic neuralgia tested positive for HIV. All the post herpetic neuralgia responded poorly to carbamezepine.

Conclusion: Facial neuralgias are uncommon and usually present in the dental clinic. They can easily be misdiagnosed with resulting inappropriate. Correct diagnosis and treatment with carbamezepine is beneficial in majority of patients.

Keywords: dental center, trigeminal neuralgia, glosspharyngeal neuragia, post-herpetic neuralgia

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol. 8(2) 2005: 114-117

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eISSN: 1119-3077