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Effects of azithromycin versus metronidazole– amoxicillin combination as an adjunct to nonsurgical periodontal therapy of generalized aggressive periodontitis

E Ercan
BC Uzun
G Ustaoglu


Objective: This study evaluated the short‑term clinical benefits of two systemic antibiotic regimes added to the nonsurgical periodontal treatment of generalized aggressive periodontitis.

Materials and Methods: The patient records were reviewed and 45 patients were selected and divided into the following three groups: Scaling and root planning (SRP) only; SRP plus azithromycin (AZT group); and SRP plus metronidazole and amoxicillin (M + A group). The periodontal indexes were recorded at baseline and 3‑month posttherapy.

Results: The periodontal parameters were improved in all groups 3‑month posttherapy. The scores were decreased more in the AZT and M + A groups than the controls, but this difference did not reach significance. In addition, the decrease in the plaque index from baseline to 3‑month in the AZT group was not significant.

Conclusion: Nonsurgical therapy reduces the probing depth, clinical attachment level, and clinical inflammation findings. This healing tendency was observed in the AZT group despite the baseline plaque scores. Therefore, AZT might be active against the bacteria in dental biofilms.

Keywords: Azithromycin, generalized aggressive periodontitis, metronidazole and amoxicillin, nonsurgical periodontal therapy, scaling and root planning

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