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Evaluation of calcium silicate cement bond strength after using gutta-percha solvents

E Bayram, H.M. Bayram, T Aslan, H Göktürk, Y Ustün


Objectives: To determine the effect of different gutta-percha solvents (chloroform, Endosolv E, orange oil, and eucalyptol) on the push-out bond strength of calcium silicate cements (CSCs; white mineral trioxide aggregate [WMTA]; capsule-form mineral trioxide aggregate [CMTA], and Biodentine).

Materials and Methods: One hundred and fifty extracted single-rooted human mandibular premolars were sectioned into 3-mm-thick slices. The canal lumens were enlarged for 1.35-mm-diameter standardized cavities. The samples were randomly divided into five groups (n = 30) according to the solvent type: G1, chloroform; G2, Endosolv E; G3, eucalyptol; G4, orange oil; G5, no solvent (control). After application of the solvents for 5 min, the specimens were divided into three subgroups (n = 10): (i) WMTA, (ii) CMTA, and (iii) Biodentine. The push-out bond strength was measured. Two-way ANOVA analysis of variance and post hoc Tukey tests were used for analyses (P = 0.05). Results: The highest push-out bond strength was observed in the Biodentine (P < 0.05), and the values of WMTA and CMTA were not significantly different in all solvent groups (P > 0.05). There were no statistically significant differences among the gutta-percha solvents and control group in WMTA (P > 0.05).

Conclusions: Gutta-percha solvents used during retreatment decreased the bond strength of Biodentine and CMTA to root dentin. The bond strength of WMTA was not affected by the use of gutta-percha solvents.

Keywords: Biodentine, gutta-percha solvent, MTA, push out bond strength
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