Normative and Subjective Need for Orthodontic Treatment within Different Age Groups in a Population in Turkey

  • RBN Yilmaz
  • I Oktay
  • D Ilhan
  • E Fişekçioğlu
  • F Özdemir
Keywords: Orthodontic treatment need, IOTN, DHC, aesthetic component


Objective: To evaluate and compare the normative and subjective need for
orthodontic treatment within different age groups in Turkey. Methods: One
thousand and sixteen patients from seven different demographic regions of Turkey
(Marmara, Black Sea, East Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Mediterranean, Aegean,
and Central Anatolia Region) (mean age ± SD: 12.80 ± 3.57 years) were randomly
selected and divided into six age groups (7–8,9–10,11–12,13–14,15–16, and
17–18 year-olds) and categorized according to the dental health component (DHC)
of the index for orthodontic treatment need (IOTN). Additionally, the patients
were asked to indicate the photograph that was most similar to their own dentition
from the 10-point scale of the aesthetic component of IOTN. Results: The DHC
of IOTN was not significantly different between the six age groups (P > 0.05).
However, no/slight need (aesthetic component 1–4) for orthodontic treatment
according to AC of IOTN was significantly higher in 13–14,15–16, and 17–18
age groups than 7–8, 9–10, and 11–12 age groups (P < 0.05). No sex differences
were found in both DHC and aesthetic component of IOTN between age groups
(P > 0.05). Conclusion: The normative need distribution was homogeneous within
all the age groups according to DHC. However, the subjective need for orthodontic
treatment was higher in the younger age groups.

Keywords: Orthodontic treatment need, IOTN, DHC, aesthetic component


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eISSN: 1119-3077