Evaluation of the school environment of public and private schools in Enugu to ensure child health promotion

  • A.I. Bisi‑Onyemaechi
  • N.A. Akani
  • A.N. Ikefuna
  • B.N. Tagbo
  • J.M. Chinawa
Keywords: Child health, Nigeria, school environment


Objectives: Poor maintenance of school environment can cause or worsen illnesses among schoolchildren. The objective of this study was to assess the healthfulness of school environments of primary schools in Enugu East, Nigeria, and to compare the difference if any between public and private schools.

Study Design: This was a cross‑sectional noninterventional study of the school environments in Enugu East, Nigeria.

Methods: Multistage sampling method was used to select the sample population. The participating schools were inspected and their head teachers were interviewed using a questionnaire. Scores were awarded using the School Health Program Evaluation scale.

Results: Thirty‑three schools were studied. The most common source of water for most schools was well. Eleven schools dump refuse openly. Three public schools only had functional toilets. All public schools were adequately ventilated and lit. One private school had a foodservice area. Ten schools did not have a play field, while three public schools had soaps for handwashing. The mean scores for public and private schools were 33.00 and 37.86, respectively. Three schools only attained the minimum score of 57 of a maximum of 66.

Conclusion: The environment of primary schools in Enugu east, Nigeria, is unhealthy and unfriendly and currently cannot promote and protect the health of the schoolchildren.

Keywords: Child health, Nigeria, school environment


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eISSN: 1119-3077