Management of symptomatic urachal cysts in Children

  • E. Basuguy
  • M.H. Okur
  • H. Zeytun
  • S. Arslan
  • B. Aydogdu
  • S. Otcu
  • G. Aydoğdu
Keywords: Children, surgical treatment, urachal cyst


Aim: We report the results of the surgical treatment of symptomatic urachal cysts.

Materials and Methods: The medical records of patients who underwent urachal cyst excision between 2012 and 2017 were reviewed retrospectively at our hospital. The age, sex, presenting complaint, method of diagnosis, average cyst diameter, surgical procedure, and postoperative complications of each patient were recorded.

Results: Twenty‑seven patients who had urachal cyst were included in this study; 5 out of 27 patients were treated conservatively and the rest of patients were treated surgically, made up of 16 males (72%) and 6 females (28%). The average age of the patients was 7 years (range: 1–17). The most common reason for referral was abdominal pain in 12 patients (54%), discharge in 6 patients (28%), fever in 2 patients (9%), and an abdominal mass in 2 patients (9%). An ultrasound scan was performed in all patients as an initial imaging study. The average cyst diameter was 1.5 cm (range: 1–6 cm). Laparotomy was performed in 16 patients, with 6 patients  undergoing laparoscopic excision. Postoperative wound infection developed in two patients.

Conclusions: Patients with urachal cysts may be managed conservatively initially. However, patients who do not show any clinical and radiological signs of regression, or those who have large cysts, should undergo surgical excision through laparotomy or a laparoscopic approach.

Keywords: Children, surgical treatment, urachal cyst


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eISSN: 1119-3077