Gangrene of the limb complicating Salmonella typhi Septicaemia in a Nigerian child

  • M.A Bugaje
  • L.W Umar
  • M.O Ogirima
  • L Hassan
Keywords: Gangrene, foot, septicaemia salmonella typhi


We report an unusual case of lower limb gangrene in a pubertal boy following a typical clinical presentation of septicaemia due to Salmonella typhi. After an initial response to presumed appropriate antibiotic and supportive therapy, the patient developed tissue ischaemia in both feet. There were no clinical or laboratory evidence suggestive of DIC or coagulopathy. Following conservative management which included oral administration of vitamin C, there was gradual regression of ischaemic changes, progressive healing and recovery of function of the left foot while the condition of the right foot deteriorated with extensive tissue necrosis and dry gangrene that extended to the distal one third of the foot. This necessitated surgical disarticulation of the metatarsophalangeal joints two months after admission. This report is to alert clinicians about this rare complication of a common curable disease with a view to anticipating the possibility of it occurring as well as considering appropriate preventive measures.

Keywords: Gangrene, foot, Salmonella typhi, septicaemia


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eISSN: 2229-7731
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