Rasmussen’s encephalitis

  • CO Dawodu
  • DD Akinbo
Keywords: Rasmussen, encephalitis, disease


Background: Rasmussenfs encephalitis is an uncommon chronic inflammatory disease disorder of unknown etiology.
Objectives: The aim of this report was to create an awareness of Rasmussenfs encephalitis in our clinical practice in Africa.
Materials and Methods: We searched online for literature on Rasmussenfs encephalitis with an emphasis on documented cases in Africa and in blacks all over the world.
Results: Master F.M., a 14.year.old male, presented with history of recurrent seizures on three occasions. The first was after an upper respiratory tract infection, the second was a post.complicated   meningo.encephalitis and the third episode was associated with receptive aphasia, hemiparesis and intellectual impairment. Neuroimaging studies revealed cerebellar atrophy and infarction of territory of the middle cerebral artery. His electroencephalogram showed bi.frontal theta activity left>right and poly spikes left>>right, diagnostic of complex partial seizures. In a period of 12 months, his gait and speech had improved while his intellectual impairment permitted re.admission into a lower academic class.
He is presently on phenytion and prednisolone tablets only.
Conclusion: Master F.M. had all the clinical features buttressed with neuroimaging results of a clinically probable Rasmussenfs encephalitis. However, an advanced neuroimaging study is needed to detect and quantify hemispherical volume loss.

Key words: Rasmussen, encephalitis, disease


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