Accuracy of Prader orchidometer in measuring testicular volume

  • TU Mbaeri
  • JC Orakwe
  • AM Nwofor
  • KC Oranusi
  • OO Mbonu
Keywords: Accuracy, prader orchidometer, testicular volume


Background: Seminiferous tubules comprise 80‑90% of testicular mass. Thus, the testicular volume is believed to be an index of spermatogenesis. Therefore, accurate testicular volume is one way to assess testicular function.
Objective: To determine the accuracy of Prader orchidometer for measuring the testicular volume by comparing the resultant measurement with the actual testicular volume in humans.
Materials and Methods: The testicular volumes of 121 testes from 62 patients with prostate cancer (mean age 72.74 ± 9.38 years) were measured using Prader orchidometer before therapeutic bilateral orchidectomy. The actual testicular volumes were then determined by water displacement of the testis.
Results: The mean testicular volume of the 121 testes was 10.60 ± 3.5 ml and13.26 ± 5.2 ml for water displacement and Prader orchidometer measurements, respectively. A strong correlation was found between the actual testicular volume and volumes obtained by Prader orchidometer (r = 0.926, P = 0.0001). The Prader orchidometer however, over‑estimated the mean actual testicular volume by 2.66 ± 2.37 ml (25.10%).
Conclusion: The result of this study has shown that measuring the testicular volume by Prader orchidometer overestimates the actual testicular volume.

Key words: Accuracy, prader orchidometer, testicular volume


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eISSN: 1119-3077