Family relationship index and risky sexual behaviour among youths attending two secondary care facilities, Ibadan, South West, Nigeria

  • A.M. Olorunsola
  • A.E. Irabor
  • A.A. Adetunji
  • S.A. Muyibi
  • A.F. Fayehun
Keywords: Family Relationship Index, Risky Sexual Behaviour, Youth, Nigeria.


Background: Unsafe sexual practice remains high among young population. Sexual behaviour is controlled by both biology and social factors, and family being the bedrock for social integration could influence decision on sexual activity. The study therefore assessed the influence of family relationship index on risky sexual behaviour among youths in South West, Nigeria.
Method: A hospital based cross-sectional study among 370 sexually active youths who were recruited at two secondary health facilities in Ibadan over a four month period after securing ethical approval. Quantitative data were obtained using interviewer administered structured questionnaire and analysis was done with SPSS version 18 with level of statistical significant at p ≤5%.
Results: The respondents' age ranged between 15-24 years. The prevalence of unsafe sexual practice among the respondents was 72.7%. Youths with risky sexual behaviour had lower scores on family cohesion scale 6.77±2.432 (p=0.003) and family communication score of 5.45±1.919 (p= 0.225) than youth who engaged in safe sexual practice. The conflict mean score was significantly higher among respondents with unsafe sex compared to those with safe sex at 2.88 ±1.959 and 2.30 ±1.884 (p = 0.011) respectively. Similarly, overall Family Relationship Index (FRI) showed that youth who engaged in risky sex were significantly more from conflict oriented-families compared to youth from support-oriented families (p=0.015).
Conclusion: A higher proportion of youths in this study engaged in risky sexual behaviour. Support Oriented Family Relationship Index protect youths from unsafe sex. Hence, the need to ensure family based interventions that promote safe home environment.

Keywords: Family Relationship Index, Risky Sexual Behaviour, Youth, Nigeria.


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print ISSN: 2141-9884