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The quality of adolescent sexualand reproductive health services in resource-constraint setting: A review of the literature

O.O. Olowookere
M.A. Ladipo
J. Hofman


The population of young people is growing dramatically with majority of this age group living in developing countries. Adolescents have been identified as a particularly vulnerable group to multiple Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) risks. This article reviewed access to health care, availability of health  care, identified SRH needs and services to adolescents. Findings revealed young people have specific reproductive health needs based on age, sex,  marital status and their socioeconomic situation. They need accurate and comprehensive information on their sexuality. Fear of being stigmatized or  punished for sexual involvement have been recognized as barriers to utilization of reproductive health services as well as negative attitude of the health  care providers, lack of confidentiality by the health care providers, high cost of services and delay in receiving treatment with regards to SRH needs.  Adolescents have the right to access health services hence youth friendly services are needed in order to adequately provide quality reproductive health  care to the adolescents.

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print ISSN: 2141-9884