Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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HDL-LDL Ratio: A Significant Predisposition to the Onset of Atherosclerosis

JC Igweh, CP Aloamaka, N Mgbor


The significance of high-density lipoprotein/low density lipoprotein (HDL-LDL) ratio as a predisposing factor to the onset of atherogenesis has been studied. Standard enzymatic method using Cholesterol kit to extract cholesterol was used. HDL was analysed using standard HDL Kit and LDL concentration was derived by a standard mathematical formula. There is a significant difference between HDL and LDL concentration within the hypertensive group, whereas this is not the case with the normotensive group. HDL is responsible for reverse cholesterol transport from peripheral tissues and LDL does the opposite. It is thus clear why the overwhelming concentration of LDL in Hypertensive could be atherogenic.

Key Words: Hypertension, atherosclerosis, cholesterol, lipoprotein

Nig. J. Health and Biomed. Sciences Vol.2(2) 2003: 78-82
AJOL African Journals Online