Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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Studies on the S Wave of the Electrocardiogram: A Preliminary Report

SAR Ogwuche, JO Ibu, PE Egbe


We describe a preliminary cross-sectional study on the S wave of the 12-lead scalar electrocardiogram (ECG) in asymptomatic adult Nigerians. The study population consisted of a hundred and nine subjects aged nineteen to thirty years. They were all students of the University of Jos. The S wave amplitude (depth) and duration were measured and anlyzed in the 12-lead ECG in the study population. The range for mean S wave voltage was .14+ .05 to 1.21 + .53 mV. The ranges for mean S wave duration was 0.4 + .01 to .06 + .01 Sec. Significant correlation was found between S wave duration and amplitude and various anthropometric measurements. Prediction equations was derived for S wave voltage versus age, height, systolic blood pressure and S wave duration and age. The study has sought to measure the normal range for the S wave duration and amplitude in the 12-lead ECG. It has also documented some derived prediction equations. It is concluded that the results of this study can provide invaluable guidance about the interpretation of normal S wave of adult Nigerians in this metropolis.

KEY WORDS: Cross-sectional study; electrocardiogram (ECG); S wave duration; S wave amplitude (voltage; depth); prediction equation; asymptomatic; healthy.

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol.3(2) 2004: 85-88
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