The stimulatory effect of intragastric administration of crude aqueous extract of Ageratum Conyzoides on gastric acid secretion in rats

  • SO Ita Department of Physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medical Sciences, University of Uyo, Nigeria
  • RR Ettarh
  • AB Antai
  • BA Akpogomeh
  • BA Akpogomeh


The effect of an aqueous leaf of Ageratum conyzoides on gastric acid secretion in rats was investigated in 18 albino rats of Wistar strain. The rats were divided into 2 groups of 9 each. Gastric acid output was determined by continuous perfusion in urethane anaesthetized rats. Control gastric acid output was obtained usign 0.9% NaCl as perfusate, and extract-induced gastric output was obtained by perfusion with a 0.1% solution of A. conyzoides. Intragastric administration of the extract caused significant increase in the mean gastric acid output (p<0.001). Atropine (5 µg/100g, i.m) and ranitidine (1.25mg/100, i.m) significantly inhibited the exract-induced gastric secretion. The results indicate that A. conyzoides stimulates gastric acid secretion via muscarinic and histaminic receptors in rats. It is suggested that the leaf extract of A. conyzoides may not be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer, in view of the role of gastric in the disease.

Keywords: Ageratum conyzoides, aqueous extract, gastric acid secretion, rats, intragastric

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol. 4(2) 2005: 121-124

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eISSN: 1595-8272