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Fourteen days oral administration of therapeutic dosage of some antibiotics reduced serum testosterone in male rats

FO Awobajo
Y Raji
II Olatunji-Bello
FT Kunle-Alabi
AO Adesanya
TO Awobajo


Fourteen days oral administration of therapeutic dose of Ampicillin (4mg/100g/day), Cloxacillin (6mg/100g/day) and Tetracycline (12mg/100g/day) separately to healthy adult male albino rats significantly reduced their serum testosterone level as assessed by enzyme immunoassay. The control group received equal volume of the vehicle (Normal saline) throughout the period of the treatment. A significant reduction (P<0 .05) in testicular and epididymal weight was also produced by Cloxacillin, Cloxacillin and Tetracycline respectively. Ampicillin administration on the other hand significantly reduced (P<0 .05) prostrate gland weight. After subjecting the treated animals to a recovery period ranging from 1-2 weeks, during which the drug administration was discontinued, all the animals recovered fully from the antifertility effect of these antibiotics on the serum testosterone level by the end of the second week. A significant recovery in the epididymal, testicular and prostrate gland weight was also recorded in the Cloxacillin and Tetracycline, Cloxacillin, and Ampicillin treated animals respectively. The result suggests that the reversible antifertility effects of these antibiotics were produced via the disruption of testosterone hormone production process. This was also accompanied by reduction in the weight of some of the male reproductive organs.

Keywords: male infertility, antibiotics, tetracycline, ampicillin, serum testosterone, male reproductive organs, and antifertility

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol. 5(1) 2006: 17-20

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eISSN: 1595-8272