Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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Energy expenditure of women boxers in India

P Chatterjee, AK Banerjee, P Majumbar, P Chatterjee


Objectives: Women boxing have got recognition recently and so far no work has been reported on energy expenditure of national women boxers in India. This study was aimed to estimate the energy expenditure in Indian female boxers during sparring.
Methods: A total of 20 female boxers were subjected. Energy expenditure was estimated using the same individual's HR-VO2 regression equation. Heart rate was recorded through radiotelemetry.
Results: Results reveal that average and maximum energy expenditure considering the total duration of boxing are12.7 ± 1.3 and 14.4 ± 1.6 kcal/min.
Conclusions: It is concluded that depending on the severity of energy expenditure female boxing comes under heavy category and as it is a pioneer attempt in India, further studies in this aspect of sport are required which will guide the coaches regarding the energy expenditure pattern in women boxing.

Keywords: Female boxing, Combat sports, India, Energy cost

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol. 5 (2) 2006: 17-20
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