Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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Pathological Changes Induced by Chrysobalanus Icaco Seeds

M O Edema, E K Omogbai, S A Afijabi, P E Idaewor


The study was to determine possible pathological changes induced by the consumption of C. icaco and possible health implication. Animal feed tests were carried out using varying amounts of the seed mixed with usual mice meals. The result revealed weight loss, and increase in total bilirubin, protein, albumin, globin, cholesterol level, alkaline phosphate and mean serum glutamic – oxaloacetate transaminase and serum glutamic – pyruvic transaminase activities. Possible health implications are discussed..

Keywords: Chrysobalanus icaco, cholesterol level, alkaline phosphate activity, serum glutamic – oxaloacetate transaminase, glutamic – pyruvic transaminase, health implication

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Science Vol. 6 (1) 2007: pp. 35-37
AJOL African Journals Online