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Determining a Sonographic Nomogram for Gallbladder Spherical Index using a Proposed Model Formula.

A C Ugwu, E O Ewunonu, O A Egwu, K N Ovuoba, CO Njoku, C Ochie


The Gallbladder spherical index (GBSI) of 380 volunteers (215 males and 165 females) was assessed using ultrasonography and a model formula to establish a nomogram for a Nigerian population of Igbo descent. The length, width and height of their gallbladders were measured after an overnight fast. Using the model formula (GBSI= width +height / 2 Length X 100), GBSI was calculated. The mean ± SD (range) of GBSI for the assessed population was 43.98 ± 9.19%(26.06 – 65.09%) while for males and females were 43.77 ± 8.34%(27.14 – 60.16%) and 44.25 ± 10.24%( 26.06-65.09%) respectively. Non-parametric t-test showed no significant difference between GBSI of the sexes at P<0.05 (P=0.773). Kurtosis and skewness values (0.991 and 0.152 respectively) showed even distribution . This study establishes a normogram for the population using the model formula and could be used in the assessment of gallbladder in conditions giving rise to gallbladder hydrops.

Keywords: Sonography, Gallbladder Spherical index, hydrops, model formula, nomogram.

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol. 6 (2) 2007: pp. 82-84
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