Effects of Electrical Vagal Stimulation and Bilateral Vagotomy on Bile Flow and Electrolyte Composition in Rats

  • H.M Salahdeen
  • A.A Imran
  • A.R.A Alada
Keywords: Bile flow, Bile electrolytes, Vagotomy, Electrical stimulation.


Effect of electrical vagal stimulation and bilateral vagotomy on the flow and electrolyte composition of bile was studied in fasted and anaesthetized male albino Wistar Rats. Entero-hepatic circulation was maintained artificially by continuous infusion of 1% sodium teurocholate. In each experiment, bile was collected at 15 mins intervals for a period of 90 mins. The bile aliquot was then analyzed for sodium and bircarbonate. The results showed that vagal stimulation significantly increased bile flow and had no effect on the bile concentration of sodium and bicarbonate. Bilateral vagotomy had no significant effect on bile flow, sodium and bicarbonate concentration. The results of this study suggest a very limited role of the vagus nerves in the secretion of bile in the rat.

KEYWORDS: Bile flow, Bile electrolytes, Vagotomy, Electrical stimulation.


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eISSN: 1595-8272