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Bacterial contamination in a special care baby unit of a tertiary hospital in Jos, Nigeria

Mark O. Okolo, Bose O. Toma, Kenneth I. Onyedibe, Ubleni Emanghe, Edmund B. Banwat, Daniel Z. Egah


Background: Nosocomial infections pose a great challenge on healthcare systems. Although surfaces in neonatal wards, umbilical stump wounds and catheter are responsible for a high number of nosocomial infections due to bacteria. The aim of this study was to determine the bacterial profile of air and surface contamination in the special care baby unit of a tertiary hospital in Jos, Nigeria.

Methods: Surface and air samples were cultured and antibiotic susceptibility of isolated bacteria were determined.

Results: The bacterial profile of air and surface samples showed that Klebsiella was the most common bacteria followed by Staphyllococcus; while the least was Escherichia. Most of the bacteria were isolated from the out-born term area of the special care baby unit. All the bacteria isolated were susceptible to ceftriaxone and meropenem.

Conclusion: This study showed that all areas of the special care baby unit of the hospital have bacterial, indicating that these are a potential source of cross-infection from healthcare workers to the neonatal patients.

Keywords: Nosocomial, bacteria, special care baby unit, neonate

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