Biopsychosocial Complications of Pentazocine Dependence: A Case Report from a co-occurring Treatment Facility in Lagos

  • Olajumoke M. Koyejo
  • Olugbenga A. Owoeye
Keywords: Complications, dependence, pentazocine


Pentazocine, a synthetic, prescription opioid analgesic, can now be obtained from the Nigerian illicit market. This development is not without concomitant medical and psychosocial complications. This is a case of psychosocial and cutaneous complications of 8‑year history of pentazocine dependence in a 44‑year‑old married male health worker with features of severe depression, multiple cutaneous abscesses, and punched‑out, deep, painless ulcers surrounded by hypopigmented halos. There were associated fibrosis of the skin, strained relationship with wife, and imminent dismissal from work. This report underscores the need for standard prescription  procedure adherence by health workers, especially for medications that are potential drugs of dependence for patients with physical conditions.

Keywords: Complications, dependence, pentazocine


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eISSN: 2667-0526
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