Sideswipes Injuries of Upper Limbs: A Case Series Report and Review of Literature

  • CU Nwadinigwe
  • RT Ekwunife


BACKGROUND: Sideswipe injuries are consequent to object striking an elbow on the window edge of a moving vehicle. It often results in severe soft tissue and bony injuries or partial amputation of the upper limb.
Functional outcome in most patients is poor. The aim is to highlight the occurrence and functional outcome of these injuries.
METHOD: In our series we report three cases which presented to us in succession within four weeks.
RESULTS: Two of the patients were passengers of commercial buses while one patient is the driver of a private car. Two were males. All were protruding their arm from the open vehicle window at the time of impact.
All presented within five hours of injury. All sustained open fracture-dislocations. All were managed with external fixation and soft tissue cover. They all had poor outcome as evidenced by joint stiffness.
CONCLUSION: The functional outcome of such injuries is usually poor especially if the dominant limb is involved. Therefore the need for prevention cannot be overemphasized. Simple measures like ensuring that no part of the limb is sticking outside a moving vehicle, winding up glass up to mid window level etc will greatly reduce the occurrence of these injuries.

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