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Aphrodisiac and Male Sexual Characteristics in Albino Rats Treated with the Aqueous Extract of <i>Parquetina Nigrescens</i> Root

OT Oyelowo
OV Fabiyi
OM Jimoh
BV Owoyele


The use of plants and herbs to boost libido, induce erection, and as an aphrodisiac agent has been in existence for long. The root of Parquetina nigrescens is one of such acclaimed aphrodisiac but there is no scientific documentation to back this up, thus the need for this study. Eighty male rats were completely randomized into 4 groups (I-IV) of 20 each. Rats in group I (control) were administered orally with 1mL of distilled water (the vehicle) while those in groups II, III, and IV were given same volume containing 50, 100, and 150 mg/kg body weight of the extract, respectively. Sexual behavioural parameters i.e. Mount frequency (MF); Intromission frequency (IF); Mount Latency; Intromission Latency; Ejaculatory latency were monitored in the male rats for day 1 (after a single dose), day 3 (after three doses, once daily), and day 5 (after five doses, once daily) by pairing with a receptive female (1: 1). The male serum testosterone concentration was also determined. Observation on the animals revealed proceptive behaviour by the receptive female rats and precopulatory behaviour by the extract-treated male rats. There was a significant (P <0 .05) increase in the frequencies of mount and intromission. In addition, the ejaculation latency was significantly prolonged (P <0 .05).The latencies of mount and intromission were reduced significantly whereas ejaculation frequency increased. The extract also significantly (P <0 .05) increased the serum testosterone content of the animals on days 1, 3 and5. Treatment continued in 5 rats each from the groups for 3 weeks for sperm analysis. Data from this study revealed that the aqueous extract of Parquetina nigrescens root enhanced sexual behaviour in male rats. The improved sexual appetitive behavior in male rats may be attributed, at least in part, to the phytochemicals present in the plant which have engorgement, androgen enhancing, and antioxidant properties. The reduction in sperm analysis would have been due to a longer duration of extract treatment.

Keywords: Male sexual dysfunction (MSD), Parquetina nigrescens, aphrodisiac, male sexual behaviour, testosterone