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Pharmacognostic Studies on the Leaves of <i>Vernonia amygdalina</i> Del. (Asteraceae)

G Ibrahim
EM Abdurahman
UA Katayal


Macroscopical, microscopical and chemo-microscopical studies have been carried out on the leaves of Vernonia amygdalina Del. of the family Asteraceae. Anomocytic stomata (in the upper and lower epidermis), calcium oxalate crystals (rosette and prism type), starch grains and covering trichomes were identified. Quantitative- leaf microscopy and extractive value evaluation of the powdered leaves were also carried out. These could serve useful in the identification of this plant species.

Key words: Vernonia amygdalina, Asteraceae, leaves, evaluation, macroscopy, microscopy, chemo-microscopy.

Nig. J. Nat. Prod. And Med. Vol.8 2004: 8-10