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The Antidiabetic Potential Of <i>Jatropha tanjorensis</i> Leaves

G. Olayiwola
EO Iwalewa
OR Omobuwajo
AC Adebajo
AA Adeniyi
EJ Verspohl


In Southwest Nigeria, infusion of Jatropha tanjorensisi leaves is taken orally for the treatment of diabetic symptoms. The hypoglycemic effect of EtOH/H2O (1:1) leaf extract was evaluated in fasted and glucose-loaded rats at the doses of 1 and 2g/kg in-vivo, while three fractions of the extract were assessed for their anti-diabetic potentials in-vitro to stimulate the release of insulin secretion from INS–1 cells. Only 2 g/kg of the extract possesses significant glucose lowering activity in glucose-loaded rats while the insulin secretion ability in-vitro was limited to the ethylacetate fraction.

Key words: Anti-hyperglycaemic, Hypoglycaemic effects; INS-1 cells; Jatropha tanjorensisi.

Nig. J. Nat. Prod. and Med. Vol.8 2004: 55-58