Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine

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Pharmacological Studies On Root Extract Of Vernonia amygdalina

Jude E Okokon, Michael I Onah


Administration of ethanolic extract of root of Vernonia amygdalina (100,200,400,600mg/kg p.o) offered significant (P>0.05) protection against pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)- induced lethality. The extract also had a significant (p > 0.05) analgesic activity against acetic acid induced abdominal constriction in a dose dependent fashion compared to control. It exhibited an antipyretic activity which was significant (p>0.05) compared to control but was less effective than acetyl salicylic acid. These observations suggested that the root extract possesses a CNS depressant action.
Key words: Vernonia amygdalina, Compositae, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antipyretic.
Nig. J. Nat. Prod. and Med. Vol.8 2004: 59-61
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