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Fatty Acid And Essential Oil Compositions Of The Seed Oil Of Five <i>Annona</i> Species

Alassane Wélé
Idrissa Ndoye
Mamadou Badiane


The fatty acid and essential oil compositions of the seed oil of Annona cherimola, A. muricata, A. reticulata, A. senegalensis and A. squamosa were investigated by GC and GC/MS spectra. About eleven fatty acids were identified of which oleic, gondoic, palmitic and stearic acids predominated in each sample, and others found in low amounts, were of more selective distribution. Fifty three volatile compounds were identified with β-caryophyllene as major compound in A. muricata, A. reticulata and A. squamosa, while terpinen-4-ol was found as major component in A. cherimola and A. senegalensis.

Key words: Annonaceae, seeds, seed oil, fatty acids, essential oil, GC-MS

Nig. J. Nat. Prod. and Med. Vol.8 2004: 62-65