Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine

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Formulation and evaluation of herbal anti-dandruff shampoo

R Sagar, VK Dixit


The petroleum ether extract of Tridax procumbens was found to be effective against dandruff at minimum inhibitory concentration of 10000mg/ml, which was compared with standard Ketoconazole (10mg/ml). Eclipta alba does not show any effect against Ptyrosporum ovale. Formulation (liquid cream shampoo) was developed using active extract of Tridax procumbens and was evaluated using various parameters, which proves its efficacy and safety. The toxicity studies of formulation did not show any toxic effect after 24 hours of application.

Keywords: Tridax procumbens, Eclipta alba, Pityrosporum ovale, anti-dandruff activity

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine Vol. 9 2005: 55-60
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