Anti Coagulation And Antithrombotic Effects Of Triclisia Dictyophylla

  • C C Azikiwe
  • L U Amazu
  • P C Unekwe
  • K C Chilaka
  • O J Afonne
  • M J Nwankwo
  • P J Nwosu
  • M C Ezeani


Triclisia Dictyophylla (moonseed) root was investigated for the anticoagulation and antithrombotic properties. The median lethal dose (LD50) based on Lorke\'s methods was 550mg/kg. The aqueous root extract of T. dictyophylla prolonged the in-vitro whole human blood clotting time at concentrations of 50mg/2ml and 100mg/2ml of whole blood and at a concentration of 200mg/2ml of whole blood, complete anticoagulation effect was achieved. The prothrombin time of the different concentrations was unattainable even after 48hours. At a concentration of 200mg/2ml of semi clotted whole blood (invitro), the clot was dislodged. The roots extract of T. dictyophylla has in-vitro anticoagulation and antithrombotic properties, perhaps justifying its use in the treatment of edematous pain.

Keywords: Triclisia Dictyophylla, Menispermaceae, human blood, coagulation, Fibrinolysis, antithrombosis

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine Vol. 11 2007 pp. 29-31

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eISSN: 1118-6267