Platelet Response To Methanolic And Aqueous Extracts Of Euphorbia hirta

  • E O Omeje
  • L Amayo
  • M U Adikwu
  • P O Osadebe
  • E Ibezim


Euphorbia hirta Linn (Fam: Euphorbiaceae) locally known as ‘ogwu ugwo' (eczema drug) in some Eastern parts of Nigeria is used locally to arrest bleeding in the event of an injury. The extracts (aqueous and methanolic) were administered orally to albino wistar rats. Platelet count, bleeding and clotting times were determined before and at different time intervals after administration of the extracts. The aqueous extract at 60 min reduced bleeding time by 54% compared to 49.5% for methanolic extract and was significant (P<0.05). Similarly, 84.1% and 42.5% reductions in clotting time were achieved with aqueous and methanolic extract respectively. Platelet count reductions with aqueous and methanolic extract were 19.2% and 36.1% respectively. There was significant (p<0.05) difference in clotting time of the two extracts after 30 min of administration. There was however, no significant correlation between the dose and activities of the extracts. These findings validates the claim that Euphorbia hirta arrests bleeding and modulate haemostasis.

Keywords: Euphorbia hirta, Euphorbiaceae, Platelet response, Methanolic, Aqueous, “Ogwu ugwo”

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine Vol. 11 2007 pp. 44-47

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-6267