Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine

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Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids From Cynoglossum furcatam

S Ravi, T Ravikumar, A J Lakshmanan


Two new pyrrolizidine alkaloids of Cynoglossum furcatam have been isolated and characterised. They are lactodine, a monoester alkaloid and viridinatine, a pyrrolizidine diester alkaloid. Lactodine was formulated as 9-0-(-)lactylheliotridine and viridinatine as 7-0-(-) viridifloryl echinatine on the basis of spectroscopic measurements and hydrolysis.

Keywords: Cynoglossum furcatam, Boraginaceae, Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Lactodine and viridinatine

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine Vol. 11 2007 pp. 87-89
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