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Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Bambusa vulgaris Var. vulgaris Leaf and its Toxicity Studies in Male Wistar Rats

GO Alade, KK Ajibesin, OR Omobuwajo


The study evaluated the pharmacognostic characters and toxicity of the aqueous ethanolic extract of Bambusa vulgaris leaf in male wistar rats. The microscopy of the leaf revealed diagnostic characters such as anomocytic stomata, sinuous epidermal cells, numerous prisms of calcium oxalate crystals and covering trichomes. Histopathological examination revealed no significant adverse effects on the lungs, kidneys and the spleens after fourteen days oral administration of the extract at 250 and 500 mg/kg doses. Haematological evaluation however revealed a significant 31% reduction (p<0.05) in packed cell volume and a significant 31% increase (p<0.05) in white blood cell count at 500 mg/kg. The results suggest that administration of B. vulgaris extract may possess low toxicity when used.

Keywords: Bambusa vulgaris, Toxicity, Microscopy, Standardization, Histology

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