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Investigation of the molluscicidal, ovicidal and anticholinesterase activities of chloroform extract of the bulb of <i>Crinum jagus</i> on <i>Biomphalaria glabrata</i> snail

D.A. Adediji
C.O. Adewunmi
E.M. Obuotor


Experiments were conducted to evaluate the molluscicidal, ovicidal and anticholinesterase activity of chloroform extract of Crinum jagus bulb (family - Amaryllidaceae) on Biomphalaria glabrata- intermediate host of endemic schistosomiasis. The toxic effect of the extract on B. glabrata was time - as well as dose – dependent. The lethal concentration (LC) values obtained were LC10 136.5mg/L, LC50 307.1mg/L and LC90 690.7mg/L for 24h. The extract prolonged the hatching of eggs of the snail up to day 8 at concentrations of 31.25mg/L, 62.5mg/L and 125mg/L and day 9 for 250mg/L. The anticholinesterase activity carried out with 20% LC50 and 40% LC50 for 72h caused significant (P<0.05) time and dose dependent inhibition of the activity of enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the hepatopancrease tissue and haemolymph of B. glabrata after 72h exposure periods indicating that the molluscicidal activity could be as a result of its anticholinesterase activity.

Keywords: Crinum Jagus, Molluscicidal activity; Ovicidal activity; Anticholinesterase activity; Biomphalaria glabrata