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Scientifically approved super-foods for boosted immunity and healthy living: A review

Nilutpal Sharma Bora
Babita Deka
Krishnakhi Das
Bhargab Jyoti Sahariah


Super-foods are traditionally known to prevent the onset of various diseases by delivering bioactive ingredients which have specific biological activity in the human body. Super-foods are similar to processed functional foods like fortified and enriched milk, omega-3-fatty acid enriched fruit juices and probiotic yoghurts. However, super-foods are natural alternatives and have been consumed by mankind since time immemorial. New scientific findings have suggested that these super-foods do have various health benefits due to the presence of multiple beneficial phytoconstituents which aid in the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases by reinforcing the immune system. When included as a part of a balanced diet, these super-foods can help to prevent diseases by improving the immune system thereby avoiding the requirement of complex and invasive treatment therapies. Traditionally consumed in various parts of the world, these pocket powerhouses of nutrition have become a raging trend in developed countries like United States and Europe due to the increased accessibility to the information of the beneficial properties of super-foods. This brief review provides a concise and crisp database of the beneficial properties of six such super-foods which are backed by concrete scientific evidence and research performed over the last two decades.