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A focus on biometal systems of some phyto-antibiotic drug complexes

Saliu A. Amolegbe
Kehinde T. Kareem
Caroline A. Akinremi
aMikhail O. Nafiu
Oluseyi A. Akinloye


Biometal coordination bearing active donor atoms of medicinal plant extracts or herbal isolates (phytochemicals) in the recent approach of biomedical sciences is a new and advanced chemotherapeutics for combating antibiotics resistance. Stereochemistry of central metal ions around active plant molecules can give rise to robust solid state 3D metal complexes of antibiotics aiding better biological performance/affinity without any side effect compared with the parent biomolecules (organic ligands). This review therefore focuses on the applications of medicinal plant extracts as antibiotics. Structural systems of metal complexes of flavonoids, curcumins, alkaloids, carotenoids and coumarins from aloe vera, acalypha and henna leaf (AAH) are also described with a view to achieving the rationale for functional bioactive antibiotic drugs

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eISSN: 1118-6267