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Essential Oil Analysis of the Peel and Leaf Oils of <em>Citrus Medica</em> L. (Rutaceae) from Nigeria

AA Gbolade
C Argyropoulou
H Skaltsa


The essential oils isolated from peel and leaves of Citrus medica L. grown in Nigeria were analyzed by GC-MS. Thirty three compounds were identified in the peel oil and thirty in the leaf oil, constituting 99.3% and 99.6% of the oils, respectively. The major constituent of the peel oil was found to be limonene (67.7%), while the leaf oil contained predominantly linalool (27.1%), รก-terpineol (21.3%) and linalyl acetate (21.7%). The other minor constituents differed both qualitatively and quantitatively among peel and leaf oils.