Effect of Food Sources of Natural Chemo preventive Agents on Endogenous Antioxidant Enzymes in Brain and Kidney Tissues of Mice

  • VO Rowland
  • MY Gwarzo
Keywords: Chemo preventive agents, onions, honey, green tea, cabbage, antioxidant enzymes


Objective: The work attempted to evaluate the potential of natural products containing cancer chemopreventive agents in increasing the level of some endogenous antioxidant enzymes such as Glutathione STransferase (GST), Glutathione reductase (GR), catalase, superoxide dismutase(SOD-1,2) in brain and kidney tissues of mice. Animals and Methods: Forty eight (48) were separated into six groups. The groups were treated individually with honey, cabbage, green tea and onion as well as the combination of these natural products with exception of control group for three months (twelve weeks) after which all animals were sacrificed. One half was utilized for histological analysis to confirm if chemo-preventive agents had adverse effects on the tissues, while the other half was assessed for endogenous antioxidant enzyme inductions. Results: Histological analysis revealed no damage to brain and kidney tissues. The natural antioxidant preparation increased GR activity by 8%, GST activity by 15% and SOD2 activity by 54% (p<0.05) compared with control group in the brain by the combination of natural products. Individual natural products at the concentration used as supplement had no significant effect on the activity of GR, GST and catalase. However, honey, green tea and cabbage significantly increased the activity of SOD2 compared with control in the brain (p<0.05). In the kidney cabbage, green tea and the combination of the natural products significantly increased the activity of catalase (p<0.05), while activity of GR was increase by green tea and combination of natural products (p<0.05) compared with control. GST activity was increased by all the supplements, but SOD2 was increased only by the Combination of supplements (p<0.05) compared with control. Conclusion: It appears that combination of the natural products increase antioxidant enzyme activities in kidney more significantly than individual natural product. This would provide informed decision for advocating the combination of these food substances, in order to provide the therapeutic benefit of attenuating the effect of free radicals on kidney damage. Keywords: Chemo preventive agents, onions, honey, green tea, cabbage, antioxidant enzymes

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