Nigerian Journal of Orthopaedics and Trauma

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Simultaneous Fractures of Acromion, Coracoid Process and Inferior Rim of Glenoid after Acute First-time Anterio-inferior Shoulder Dislocation: A Case Report

JC Sané, AN Kassé, EHS Camara, AG Diouf, B Mbaye, B Thiam, A Bousso, MH Sy


Shoulder dislocations are the most frequent among all articular dislocations. They can lead to major shoulder instability especially when they are associated with scapula fractures. We report an unusual case of antero- inferior shoulder dislocation associated with a triple fracture of the scapula. It is a twenty eight-year old man who presented after a road traffic accident with a left anterior shoulder dislocation associated with a simultaneous fracture of the acromion, the coracoid process and the anterio- inferior rim of glenoid. No case has been found in literature. A bone thrust according to Latarjet surgical technique was realized. The Constant's score has been used for clinical evaluation. Shoulder dislocation needs real diagnostic and therapeutic strategy to ensure a good recovery of articular function.

Keywords: shoulder dislocation; acromion, coracoidprocess, glenoid fractures.

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