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Efficacy of Six Weeks Skin Traction in the Management of Chronic Pain from Lumber Spondylosis

CI Ezema, ME Agha, EU Mong, S Lamina


Background: Traction is widely used for the treatment of lumbar spine conditions. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of 6-weeks skin traction in the management of pain in patients presenting with lumbar spondylosis.
Materials and Methods: The study was a repeated measures (pretest-posttest) design. A total of 27 (21 male and 6 female) subjects clinically diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis were recruited for the study. Subjects received skin traction (10% total body weight) on each lower limb with the 'head' of the bed lowered by five degree and isometric exercise for a period of 6 weeks. Subjects' pre and post treatment pain level was assessed using 10 point numerical rating pain scale. The collected data was analysed using students' t-test.
Results: Findings of the study revealed significant decrease in lumber spondylosis by 77% at p<0.05.
Conclusion: 6-weeks skin traction is effective in reducing pain in patients with chronic lumbar spondylosis.

Keywords: Skin traction, isometric exercise, lumbar spondylosis, pain.

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