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Treatment of Congenital Genu Recurvatum - a Preliminary Report

NE Ngim, IA Ikpeme, AM Udosen


Background: Congenital genu recurvatum is a rare anomaly which is diagnosed clinically. Treatment may be non surgical or surgical. Study was aimed at demonstrating the efficacy of non-operative treatment of the condition by manipulation and serial correction with casting.
Methodology: This was a prospective study of consecutive patients with congenital genu recurvatum presenting at a teaching hospital over a four year period entered the study. Socio-demographic characteristics of the patients were obtained, they were then examined and investigated. Treatment was by manipulation and serial correction with Plaster of Paris application (POP) which was changed every three weeks until correction of deformity was achieved. Patients were followed up till walking when a final review was done.
Results: Five patients were seen over the period of this report. There were 4 females and 1 male; mean age was 14.2days. The deformity affected the right knee in 40%, the left in 20% and was bilateral in 40% of cases. An average of 6 casts over a mean period of 14 weeks (range 10 to 20  weeks) were needed to achieve full correction of the deformities. All the patients had good outcome of treatment without the need for surgery.
Conclusion: Congenital genu recurvatum is predominant in the female. In this study, the patients responded excellently to serial manipulation and casting. Surgery was not necessary in of the patients.

Key Words: Congenital; Genu recurvatum; Surgery

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