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Anti-ulcer activity of aqueous leaf extract of <i>Persea americana</i> (family-Lauraceae)

CV Ukwe
SV Nwafor


The study was carried out to investigate the anti-ulcer activity of aqueous leaf extract of Persea americana. Groups of albino rats were pre-treated orally with aqueous leaf extract of the plant before administration of the ulcerogenic drugs-indomethacin and ethanol. The animals were sacrificed by a blow on the head, their stomachs removed and examined for ulcers. The extract produced significant (P<0.05), and dose-dependent anti-ulcer activity against indomethacin- and ethanol-induced ulcers in rats. Phytochemical studies revealed the presence of alkaloids flavonoids, saponins and tannins. These results suggest that the extract possesses significant anti-ulcer activity against experimentally induced gastric lesions and may justify its use in traditional medicine.

Key words: Anti-ulcer activity; Persea Americana; Rats

Nig. J. Pharm. Res. 3(1) 2004: 91-95

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eISSN: 2635-3555
print ISSN: 0189-8434