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Attitude of Nursing Staff Towards Disbetes in a Secondary Health Facility

VU Odili, IO Nnachi


This study was designed to determine the attitude of nurses in Central Hospital Benin towards diabetes mellitus. The third version of the diabetes attitude scale (DAS-3) which is a reliable and valid measure of attitudes towards diabetes was used. This instrument consists of a 33 item questionnaire addressing attitudes towards diabetes on 5 domains using a 5 point Likert response scale (1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree). The domains include; the seriousness of type 2 diabetes, the need for nurses to undergo training, the value of tight control, the psychosocial impact of diabetes and the need for patient autonomy. A total of 145 questionnaires were distributed to practicing nurses in Central hospital Benin City and 114 were retrieved giving a response rate of 78.62%. Most respondents were females 98(86%), and midwives 30(26.3%). The mean age of the nurses was 35.74 years and they cut across all cadres of nursing. Overall, the nurses showed a positive attitude to all the 5 domains of the study. Mean positive response was 3.37 ± 0.8846 with the highest score being in the subscale of the need for special training (4.18 ± 0.580). However, there was a much lower positive attitude on the psychosocial impact of diabetes on the patients. Nurses in the study showed a good attitude towards diabetes but expressed a strong desire for special training in diabetes.

Keywords: Attitude, diabetes, nursing care

Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 8 No 1 pp. 129 - 137 (September 2010)

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