Antiulcer and gastric antisecretory effects of landolphia owariensis extracts in rats

  • S Olaleye
  • V Owoyele
  • A.O Odukanmi
Keywords: Landolphia owariensis, antiulcer, gastric secretion, rat


Water, Methanol and Chloroform Extracts of Landolphia owarensis were investigated for their effects on gastric acid secretion and ulceration in male albino rats. Two models of gastric lesion induced in experimental Wistar rats- HC1/ethanol- induced gastric lesions and Pylorus ligation-induced gastric lesions – were employed. In both models, the antiulcer activity of LA was compared with that of cimetidine (100 mg kg p.o.). In the HCl/Ethanol model, ulcer index and mucus production was determined. In pylorus ligated rat, ulcer index, mucus production, total volume of gastric juice and gastric acidity level were measured. Pre-treatment of animals with the aqueous extracts (100mg/kg
and 200mg/kg) orally once daily for two weeks significantly reduced formation of ulcers induced by HCl/ethanol mixture, the percentage inhibition being 43.8% and 55.27% respectively. The Chloroform extract afforded the least protection with 23.07% and 14.77% inhibition. This was also accompanied by significant increases in gastric mucus production. In pylorus ligated rats, total volume of gastric juice and gastric acidity was significantly decreased as
compared to control group, to levels comparable to that produced by cimetidine. The results indicate that the leaf extracts of LO contains antiulcer principles.

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eISSN: 0794-859X