The influence of parity on the gestational age at booking among pregnant women in Enugu, south east Nigeria

  • U.I Nwagha
  • O.V Ugwu
  • T.U nwagha
  • U.S.B Anyaehie
Keywords: Antenatal care, Parity, Socio-dermographic characteristics


Antenatal care utilization is influenced by several factors. Due to our peculiar socioeconomic and cultural circumstances, gestational age at booking may be affected by certain variables. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of parity and other socio demographic factors on gestational age at booking amongst pregnant women in Enugu, South Eastern Nigeria. This is a prospective multicenter survey of randomly selected 928 pregnant women attending antenatal care for the first time in three hospitals in Enugu between January1 2006 to December 31, 2007. The average age was 30.22 ± 5.2 yrs. The average age of the primigravidae at booking was 29.16 ±5.6yrs. The average gestational age at booking for all the pregnant women studied was 26.12± 7.6 weeks. Parity significantly (P<0.05) influenced the gestational age at booking (24.00 ±7.9weeks versus 27.16 ±7.5weeks versus 26.12±7.6weeks for the primigravidae, multigravidae and grandmultiparous women respectively. 856 (92.24%) booked late for antenatal care after the first trimester. Occupation did not have significant influence on gestational age at booking. It is concluded that parity significantly influenced the gestational age at booking in Enugu.

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eISSN: 0794-859X